Cross over to First Aid International

Are you already a first aid instructor? If so you could crossover to FAI and benefit from the national network of training centres and support that FAI provides.

You need to take the FAI Instructor Orientation Course with a certified FAI Instructor Trainer and pass the Instructor Examination. This one day programme will familiarise you with FAI’s learning methodology, materials and standards and procedures.

You will also receive all the required resources to instruct and assess FAI courses. There are three Instructor levels:


Instructors are certified to train and assess students in the First Aid International suite of courses.

Instructor Trainer

Instructor Trainers are certified to train students and conduct both the Instructor Development and Orientation Course.

Course Director

An FAI Course Director is certified to train and assess new Instructor Trainers. This level is the highest achievable qualification with FAI and is by invitation of the FAI Course Director Review Board.


Scheduled Course Dates

These course dates are subject to demand and may be changed or cancelled if necessary. Numbers are restricted to ensure a comfortable relaxed environment. To view our current scheduled course dates please follow the link below.

Course Dates

Instructor Course Calendar

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To apply as a registered Instructor with First Aid International please use the link below and complete the Instructor Course Booking Form. For successful registration you are required to complete all fields as well as submit all desired documentation. For assistance with completion please contact the office on +44 (0)1530 512420.

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