Training Centres


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National Training Centres

All First Aid International training courses are delivered by trained facilitators operating from approved training centres. Our approved training centres protect their customers by ensuring training facilities are up to standards set out by us, they provide insurance to cover their customers and subscribe to follow the guidance provided by us.

Centre Management Information System (CMIS)

In 2011 we completed our investment into our Centre management Information System (CMIS) certificate processing application. CMIS is accessible 24/7 and will allow centre staff and instructors access to all their activity. On here you can book courses, most will receive auto approval if all criteria is correct, register students and claim certificates. Once submitted certificate reports are prepared and can be sent by e-mail to the centre where the cards and certificates are printed. Typical turnaround using this system is less than 48 hours from submitting data to receiving certificates.

We continue to invest in this system into the reporting function so you can make more use of the information we store for you. You can now print your logo in full colour on the certificate if you are printing in house.


Quality Assurance

We are passionate about the quality and integrity of our brand. It is this that sets us apart.

We will visit all of our training centres regularly to ensure they continue to maintain and surpass our expectations.

We encourage every candidate from any of our training to courses to provide feedback about their experience. We will investigate any negative feedback to ascertain the causes and implement improvement plans.