The Training System

Our training system is complete from the Instructor Guide to the issuance of the final certificate.

The training system has the rigidity to ensure that a consistent message is delivered wherever and by whoever combined with the latitude to allow instructors to contextualise the content to the candidates in the course to suit their environment or workplace.

There is a full instructor guide with detailed lesson plans and learning outcomes. The essential skills of first aid and basic life support are delivered with the aid of short video clips, this is supported by real time demonstration and talk though sessions.

The candidate workbook forms an integral part of the learning process. Participants train their peers in small groups fulfilling the roles of trainer, trainee and bystander in each session. This ensures that all candidates work through the fundamental elements of first aid and basic life support several times building competence and confidence in each new skill.

Only when all attain a level of capability will the instructor add the next step in the process.